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Two Maids & A Mop Featured in Entrepreneur Magazine

Entrepreneur Magazine Photo Shoot

                                               Entrepreneur Magazine Photo Shoot Featuring Our Founder; Ron Holt

Another nationwide article featuring the Two Maids & A Mop brand!!

“Take a cue from Two Maids & A Mop founder Ron Holt: Six months after starting that cleaning business, he introduced a pay-for-performance plan that determines compensation according to how customers rate employees’ service, on a 1-to-10 scale. Customers loved the idea, and employees were motivated to boost their rankings. Holt added 175 employees, and his sales skyrocketed.”

The Pay for Performance Plan indeed saved Two Maids & A Mop. It created an instant selling tool that was extremely unique in our industry. And even better, it created an ownership mentality that was in dire need during those early years. That was a long time ago but the truth is the plan still serves both purposes. The compensation plan continues to be a true purple cow in a very crowded marketplace. Two Maids & A Mop is just as different as a silly purple cow and the biggest difference maker continues to be our unique Pay for Performance compensation plan. Thanks to Entrepreneur Magazine for the plug!!

CEO of Two Maids & A Mop Recognized at 2015 Birmingham CEO Awards Banquet

Two Maids & A Mop CEO Awards

                                The Two Maids & A Mop Home Office Celebrates After A Festive CEO Awards Banquet

Two Maids & A Mop enjoyed an exciting night celebrating our CEO & Founder’s nomination as a finalist for CEO of the Year at the 2015 Birmingham Top CEO Awards Banquet. Such a fun night!

Radio Interview With Tampa Franchisee

Jaime Kulaga Radio InterviewJaime Kulaga and her business partners launched their own independent cleaning business several years ago. After two years of poor performance, Jaime reached out to Two Maids & A Mop for help.

“When I met Ron, I knew franchising was something I would consider,” says Kulaga. “Always before, I resisted the idea — because my cleaning business was my cleaning business. It was small and it was a struggle, but it was mine.”

After talking to Holt, however, Kulaga had a change of heart. Impressed by Holt’s passion and knowledge, she said ‘yes’ to the franchise. “I’m taking the systems and policies — but Two Maids Tampa is still my business. And it’s better for my family, better for my stress level, and better for my clients.”

Revenues for Jaime’s businessexploded almost overnight. “We were doing maybe $1000 a week when we merged, and then we started seeing $2000 and $3000 weeks. Which was great. But then the marketing formula started working, and suddenly we were doing four, five, six thousand. We’re less than 90 days into the transition, and this month we’re projected for $20,000. I never anticipated so much growth so quickly.”

Jaime’s experience has been phenomenal and people are starting to pay attention. Last week, Jaime participated in a podcast interview regarding her franchise experience. If you’re struggling with the decision to franchise or not, make sure to check out this 30 minute interview with Jaime. It’ll change your life just as quickly as Jaime’s life changed in December 2013.

Click here for the full interview: Jaime Kulaga Radio Interview


Two Maids & A Mop Selected to 2014 Inc. 5000

TwoMaidsThe 2014 Inc. Magazine list of the 5000 fastest growing companies in America has just been released this morning. For the second consecutive year, Two Maids & A Mop has been named to the honorable list of fast growing businesses. Check out a couple of great highlights from the recognition visit our Inc. 5000 business profile page.

– Named 2nd fastest growing cleaning company in America!

– Named 18th fastest growing company in the state of Alabama!

Our company has come a long way from its humble roots and so excited to receive this distinguished award for the second consecutive year Thanks to all of our employees, franchisee and customers!!!

Welcome Future Franchisees

The Original Two Maids & A Mop in Pensacola, FL

The Original Two Maids & A Mop in Pensacola, FL

Imagine it’s April Fools’ Day 2003 in Pensacola, FL. You should envision a bright, sunny day filled with palm trees and cool ocean breezes. This image should make you feel good.

Now, imagine a young man slumping over a outdated desk and mumbling something incoherent for a few hours. This image should make you feel sad.

I can still remember that fateful first day like it was yesterday. People ask me this question all the time, “Would you do it all over again?” You better believe it! Because my journey has allowed me to dig deep in order to build the industry’s most innovative, most unique concept. Last year, Inc. Magazine recognized Two Maids & A Mop as the fastest growing cleaning company in the nation. By itself, that’s an impressive accomplishment. But when you look back at our roots, the award is absolutely amazing because this business started with just two part-time employees and a handful of customers.

I’m so proud of our history. Our hard knocks made us the company we are today. But the future provides us with an opportunity to create a fantasy-like story. I hope you enjoy our new blog and I hope it allows you to learn as much as possible about the cleaning industry, franchising and Two Maids & A Mop. Welcome to our world!