Radio Interview With Tampa Franchisee

Jaime Kulaga Radio InterviewJaime Kulaga and her business partners launched their own independent cleaning business several years ago. After two years of poor performance, Jaime reached out to Two Maids & A Mop for help.

“When I met Ron, I knew franchising was something I would consider,” says Kulaga. “Always before, I resisted the idea — because my cleaning business was my cleaning business. It was small and it was a struggle, but it was mine.”

After talking to Holt, however, Kulaga had a change of heart. Impressed by Holt’s passion and knowledge, she said ‘yes’ to the franchise. “I’m taking the systems and policies — but Two Maids Tampa is still my business. And it’s better for my family, better for my stress level, and better for my clients.”

Revenues for Jaime’s businessexploded almost overnight. “We were doing maybe $1000 a week when we merged, and then we started seeing $2000 and $3000 weeks. Which was great. But then the marketing formula started working, and suddenly we were doing four, five, six thousand. We’re less than 90 days into the transition, and this month we’re projected for $20,000. I never anticipated so much growth so quickly.”

Jaime’s experience has been phenomenal and people are starting to pay attention. Last week, Jaime participated in a podcast interview regarding her franchise experience. If you’re struggling with the decision to franchise or not, make sure to check out this 30 minute interview with Jaime. It’ll change your life just as quickly as Jaime’s life changed in December 2013.

Click here for the full interview: Jaime Kulaga Radio Interview