Two Maids& A Mop Published in Forbes Magazine

The CEO & Founder of Two Maids & A Mop, Ron Holt, just published a great article inside Forbes Magazine on his thoughts regarding failure as a necessary step towards ultimate success.

My success as an entrepreneur has always defied logic. After all, there’s no way a small-town boy from rural Georgia should have been able to build a $25 million residential cleaning brand on a shoestring budget. Seriously, my grand opening day resulted in just $130 in revenue. I burned through almost all of my operating capital in the first two years. And probably more importantly than anything else, I had never once actually cleaned a home prior to starting the business. I was set up to fail but didn’t. What was my secret? How did it happen? I’ve thought about those questions often over the years and believe that I finally have the real answer. My success, believe it or not, is a direct result of failure.

Ron Holt, CEO & Founder of Two Maids & A Mop

Our brand’s story dates back more than 16 years ago inside a 250 square foot office space. Those early days were filled with optimism and hope, but we also experienced several failures as well. Each of the failures could have derailed our larger goal of building the largest, fastest growing, most innovative residential cleaning company in the country. The article inside Forbes challenges faced by several well-known business leaders, and also gives you a behind the scenes depiction of the some of more difficult times during our early formative years. The best news of all is that failure should be embraced if you’re always staying true to the overall mission of delivering on your brand’s vision and future.

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