Two Maids & A Mop Makes The News Again

TwoMaids-Back2BackThe recognition and publicity surrounding our brand’s growth continues to grow on a regular basis. Today, we are excited for our story to be published in Good Grit Magazine, a leading publication dedicated to businesses and icons throughout the southeastern US. Here’s a quick preview of the article:

Good Grit Magazine: What’s the formula behind Two Maids & A Mop?
Ron: We’ve always prided ourselves in being different and that mentality has allowed us to completely reinvent the residential house cleaning industry. We offer the most unique selling tool within the cleaning space by just saying three words: Pay For Performance. As a consumer, you are offered an opportunity to rate our service on a scale from 1-10. Your feedback is then used to calculate the exact compensation level for the two maids responsible for cleaning the home. Our customers have a very strong voice because their opinion makes or breaks an employee’s paycheck. The compensation plan has always served as our company’s secret sauce and continues to provide our franchisee’s with an innovative and effective tool to motivate its employees.

Good Grit Magazine: What are some lessons you’ve learned along the way as a result of your rapid expansion? 
Ron: Three big, important discoveries occurred along the way. For one, your business can’t survive by you simply working hard and pouring sweat into it. Your business must offer something different; something remarkable. We offer the Pay for Performance Plan and it allows us to position ourselves in a different manner than any other cleaning service. It’s unique, effective and remarkable. Secondly, your business needs to have a vision for its success. You can’t know if you going in the right direction if you don’t where you’re going in the first place. Set a path and start working your way towards the goal. You’re certainly not guaranteed success by simply dreaming about it but you are absolutely guaranteed to fail without a vision for success. I’m proud of today’s successes but the honest truth is that I’ve had this dream for a long time. I saw this all coming thirteen years ago and I firmly believe that my vision created the roots for today’s success. Finally, your business will need an infrastructure to supports its growth. In our world, we learned the hard way that systems are the backbone of our success. Without systems, it’s impossible to create a scalable business model that replicates the same type of service. Building systems may not be most exciting part of your day but they are crucial to your business’ operating margins and top line growth.

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