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Success Magazine Recognizes Two Maids & A Mop

Cleaning homes can be a dirty business. We clean everything from dirty floors to nasty toilets. But after all of those germs and dust particles are removed, a decent amount of money is left behind for the owner of a cleaning business.

Success Magazine recently profiled five entrepreneurs that tackled the dirtiest possible jobs and built successful businesses around the dirty tasks. Our CEO & Founder – Ron Holt – started out like so many other hungry entrepreneurs. He met directly with the first clients, sold them on his services and even cleaned their homes in many cases. Nothing was too dirty for him and we’re so glad that he stuck it out during those early days.

Our franchisees today are not asked to clean dirty homes, but we also won’t deter them if they ever want to pick up a broom if their business needs them in that capacity. Knowing your business at the most basic level is an essential element of building a profitable business.

Get to know Ron’s journey during the early days of Two Maids & A Mp by clicking here for the nationwide article inside Success Magazine.

CEO & Founder of Two Maids & A Mop Featured in Success Magazine

Ron Holt & David Luke

Just over twelve years ago, Ron Holt quit his cushy corporate job and decided to open a cleaning business along the gulf coast in northwest Florida. Ron’s early days were filled with chaos, stress and uneasiness. In fact, he didn’t receive his first paycheck until eighteen months after the grand opening. Today, Ron’s tiny cleaning service has grown from its humble beginnings in Pensacola and currently serves thousands of customers in multiple states across the country.

Success Magazine heard about our company’s exciting story and published an excellent story on Ron’s early days at Two Maids & A Mop. Make sure to check out the fun story by clicking on the link here: Success Magazine Feature Article