2018 Pink Blazer Trip

The highest honor in our franchise network is to be inducted into the Pink Blazer Club. The designation goes to two franchisees each year with the best bottom line margins. We take this business seriously and want to recognize the folks within our network that are earning the most money using our business model.

This past year’s recipients were Dana Simpson; owner of the Montgomery, AL franchise and Ted Proctor; owner of the Fort Worth, TX franchise. Both are amazing people with strong work ethics. They lead by example and care deeply about maximizing their business’ bottom line.

“The Two Maids & A Mop business model has always been built on a lean operating structure,” said Ron Holt, CEO & Founder of Two Maids & A Mop. “I’ve always believed that rising sales are important, but expense control is equally important. Ted and Dana exhibit the best qualities of a business owner; attention to detail, passionate leadership and strict control of their business’ bottom line. I’m honored to be their business partner and enjoyed every second of time with them down in Key West.”

The honor provides a franchisee with a ton of great benefits, including a hand-crafted Pink Blazer. But one of the more fun benefits is a all-inclusive trip with the our CEO & Founder. This year, the Pink Blazer award recipients enjoyed a sun-soaked vacation along the beautiful blue shores of Key West, FL. From jet skiing to chilling at the pool, it was a great time had by all.

Congratulations to Ted and Dana on achieving the highest honor in our network!