Operating Models

Our operating models are designed to give everyone an opportunity to grow with a Two Maids & A Mop franchise. Whether you are a individual interested in opening one single location, an investor interested in connecting with a sweat equity partner or a capital group interested in opening multiple locations within different markets, our operating models can accommodate anyone that is serious about earning above average returns with a Two Maids & A Mop franchise.

This model allows 100% equity ownership for an individual or group. The model has proven to be extremely effective; primarily because the operator of the office location doubles as the sole owner of the location. You won’t be cleaning dirty toilets everyday but you will be performing key administrative and marketing tasks on a daily basis. This model is perfect for the hands-on owner and provides great returns due to the 100% ownership stake.

Owner Operator

“I’ve grown this business from the ground up and loved being a part of every decision from the start. We’re quickly approaching $1M in revenues and I’m loving the fact that I receive 100% of the profits as an owner operator” ~ Elizabeth Hayes, Huntsville, AL

The Semi-Absentee Model allows equity ownership for an individual or group. It is perfect for anyone that does not want to actively participate in the business on a regular basis. Two Maids & A Mop partners with a nationally recognized talent recruitment firm to locate the perfect match based on the Semi-Absentee Investor’s desired personality traits and age range. The firm spends approximately eight weeks searching for the perfect Sweat Equity partner to be matched with the Semi-Absentee Investor. In turn, the Sweat Equity partner performs all daily operations in exchange for a minority ownership stake along with a modest salary. The equity make up for this model requires at least 2% ownership for the Sweat Equity partner.

Absentee investor

“I worked for Two Maids & A Mop for a long time and hoped that they would one day connect me with a Semi-Absentee Investor. Today, I own a piece of the Washington, DC territory and we’re growing like crazy. This was a perfect marriage because the Semi-Absentee Investor had no desire to get his hands dirty. I, on the other hand, love the cleaning industry and just needed someone to help fund the business so that I could work my magic. We’re off to a fast start here in DC and I love my new business!” ~ L.A. Martin of Washington, DC

This model provides a 50% discount on the Initial Franchise Fee for anyone that is interested in purchasing the rights to at least five territories. Each territory will be operated utilizing the Semi-Absentee Investor model and each office location is expected to be opened within six months of the execution of the franchise sales agreement. Total cost savings incurred from this operating model ranges from $62,500 – $150,000.​

Multiple Locations

“We decided to partner with Two Maids & A Mop after learning of their powerful Sales & Marketing strategies. We wanted lots of territories and wanted them fast. We’re set to open several locations along the east coast and didn’t lift one finger along the way. Two Maids & A Mop recruited and trained each Sweat Equity partner while we sat back and watched from a distance.” ~ JNOR Capital Group, owns locations from Maryland to Florida

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