TWO MAIDS & A MOP™ has developed a unique, proprietary lead generation and customer retention process that is unparalleled within the consumer services sector. The process is comprised of six distinct phases of growth; effectively nurturing a relationship that evolves a qualified prospect into an actual brand ambassador. It’s called THE COMPLETE EXPERIENCE™ and the process defines TWO MAIDS & A MOP™.

Step 1

Qualifying The Prospect

Our company utilizes proprietary lead generation formulas and technologies that are designed to provide your business with the ideal prospect. Market research has taught us that certain advertising mediums are very attractive to our target audience. Basically, we know exactly who is contacting your office!

Step 2

Attracting The Prospect

The TWO MAIDS & A MOP™ brand is built on one single premise: customer feedback. You will discover that customer feedback is a core value and critical tool that will directly determine the health of your business. We’ll teach you several methods that can be employed to broadcast the majority of your customer’s opinions. These public opinions will, in turn, become a tremendous sales tool for all of your targeted advertisements.

Step 3

Converting The Prospect Into A Customer

Great salespeople are not born; they use systemized, proven sales strategies. We have more than ten years of proven sales interactions that are perfectly scripted for every possible sales scenario. No matter if you’re on the phone or emailing a prospect, we have a template for every sales conversation. You’ll never be required to wing it! Best of all, you will always be able to highlight the brand’s competitive advantages compared to everyone else within your local market.

Step 4

Providing Great Customer Service

Your company will offer a distinct competitive advantage that will serve as a unique employee motivational tool. By now, you’ve probably heard of the famous TwoMaids Pay For Performance Plan. By itself, it sells the brand. More importantly, it requires that each of your employees act as if they have an actual ownership stake in your business. The happier your employees make a customer, the more money they can earn. No other cleaning service can boast such a claim!!

Step 5

Converting The Customer Into A Brand Ambassador

It all comes down to this: Happy customers are your best advertisers. If people like you and like what you do, they will tell their friends. We utilize innovative tools that direct and route your customers to strategic resources making it easy for public conversations to take place.

Step 6

One Customer Creates Another Customer

Hopefully, you have now realized the absolute power behind THE COMPLETE EXPERIENCE™ and how it can impact your business. Think of a snowball slowly rolling downhill, slowly grabbing more and more snow. Eventually, the little snowball will become an extremely large snowball full of power and force. Even better, the snowball is impossible to stop due to the early collection of snowflake after snowflake. That’s THE COMPLETE EXPERIENCE™!! A powerful force of marketing that is created by your customers and impossible to stop for the same reason.

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