Our Competitive Advantage

Two Maids & A MopTWO MAIDS & A MOP™
offers a unique selling proposition that has long been admired within the residential cleaning industry. People from almost every field within the consumer service industry have heard of our unique compensation plan. We’re proud to say that the Two Maids & A Mop brand is one of the few residential cleaning brands that can separate itself by something other than a cheap price.

What makes the Pay for Performance Plan so great and how does it work? In a nutshell, the Plan makes an owner out of every single one of your employees. Basically, a customer will rate their level of satisfaction on a simple scale from 1-10. The rating–and that rating alone–directly determines the compensation level paid to your team of two employees that are responsible for cleaning the home. Customer feedback is the primary factor utilized when determining your employee’s compensation.

The Pay for Performance Plan was introduced more than ten years ago and allowed our brand’s original office location to significantly reduce its employees turnover level, increase its employee morale and offer its customers a tangible difference maker in a very competitive marketplace. Our founder was desperate to create an ownership mentality in his employees and used the innovative compensation plan as a self-policing tool to aligned customer interests with his own employee’s interests. The Pay for Performance changed everything for our founder and the Two Maids & A Mop brand has not looked the same since those early days. Since then, the Pay for Performance Plan has received national recognition from major publications such as Inc. Magazine and CNN Money for its cutting edge approach to employee motivation.

By franchising, you will have access to this plan and will be able to leverage its internal and external benefits on the first day of your business’ operation.


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